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Фаунистическая находка №
Дата наблюдений:


Вид птицы:
Жаворонок индийский (Alauda gulgula)




Авторы наблюдения:
Christian Brinkman





Статус редкости:
Первая встреча в регионе
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Never thought that this species was even a possibility here. Flushed while looking for a Short-eared Owl, drew attention because of call; an explosive, buzzing 'vrrez'. Was solo (unlike most other larks in this area) and landed very quickly (within 10m or so). Seen from short distance sitting and feeding on the ground. Eventually flew south (solo). Head: more 'open' face than Skylark with less contrasting features due to overall similar ground colour. Supercilium extending far behind eye. Occasional slight hint of a crest but due to hard winds hard to asses the significance of it. Bill: Slender and long Underparts: Completely beige tinted from the breast to the belly, undertailcoverts not seen well enough. Streaks hardly present on flanks and mostly concentrated on the breast. Upperparts: Apart from more beige/lighter ground colour, not too different from Skylark. Wing: Very short primary projection, sometimes even hard to see if it had any at all! Wing more contrasting than in Skylark but unfortunately not seen due to what. In flight: Very short tail almost gave a Woodlark impression. No white trailing edge to the wing. Seconds after this bird, an interesting pipit flew by that turned out to be a Buff-bellied Pipit!
















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